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Class Descriptions

Body, Breath and Mind:  Create increased ease, stability and equanimity through the mindful integration of your physical body with breath. In this class, we will explore how to harness the power of the breath as a bridge between your mind and body, while respecting your individual needs and capacities. Creative use of basic breath-led yoga postures will be sequenced to encourage increased awareness, strength and flexibility within your body, while contributing to your overall well-being and reducing effects of the stress response. Sound/mantra may be included in the Monday class. First class is free for new students

Yoga for Seniors: Basic yoga postures adapted to meet individual capabilities and sequenced to improve strength, stability and balance are emphasized in this class. Gradual development of breath awareness and capacity is also a priority. Additional goals of this class are to support a sense of community and to improve activities of daily living outside of the class structure. Close attention is paid to safety and the use of chairs where needed is encouraged.

Mantra, Movement and Meditation: The use of mantra with breath centered movement can create a rich and transformative effect within a yoga practice. Mantra is simply the repetition (recited out loud or silently) of a meaningful word/phrase to create a desired connection or effect. This class explores the use of sound in relationship with movement & meditation...providing you with an opportunity to move more deeply into your yoga experience.

Foundations of Yoga:  Within this accessible class format, a stable foundation will be laid upon which to explore yoga in a safe and effective way for each individual. Basic asanas will be introduced with adaptations offered to suit individual needs/limitations. In addition, breath awareness and the concept of integrating the movement with the breath will be a central focus. This class experience will also be enriched with an introduction to a few of the basic philosophical concepts underlying the practice of yoga....offering the beginnings of a firm foundation upon which you can build over time.  Recommended reading: Why Yoga Works and How it can Work for You (available for purchase at $12)

Breathing into Strength and Balance: (begins March 7th)  Learn how to harness the energy of the breath in creating a stable and balanced body and mind. The breath is the foundation upon which we can learn to inhabit and move our bodies with fluidity and ease. In this class, will we explore and refine this dynamic and essential breath/body relationship within a creative sequence of yoga movements. Light hand weights (2-3 lbs.) will be used during selected movements to further develop bone/muscle resiliency and strength. The class will conclude with a pranayama (breath) meditation to assimilate the practice and quiet the mind.

Chanting for Transformation: This offering is for those who would like to stay following the Body, Breath and Mind class and explore the use of sound and chants from the Vedas (ancient texts underlying Indian/Yoga spiritual philosophy) Chanting has the potential to be an incredibly transformative experience, as the vibrations reach every dimension of our being...physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Singing experience is not required to connect to the benefits of these ancient sounds. Cost: $10 per class.


Continuing Vedic Chant: This 2 hour monthly session has been created for those who wish to deepen and refine their experience with chanting the Vedas. Previous experience with chant and basic knowledge of Sanskrit transliteration are a prerequisite for participation in this class. Contact Kristina @ 952 262-5178 with questions. Tuition: $25 per 2 hour session

2020 TUITION:  $96 for an 8 class package (10 week expiration) or $140 for a 14 class package (16 week expiration).  Drop-in fee: $15 per yoga class

First class for new students is FREE!  Gift Certificates Available!

Private Yoga and Therapeutic Sessions Available by Appointment

Santosha Springs Yoga classes are held at Santosha Center, located at the intersection of Hwy. 35 and Cty. Rd. S in Maiden Rock, WI.   

Contact Kristina via FB messaging, mobile: 952 261-5178 or email: to register for a class or schedule an appointment.

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